ISMG 6020 - Object Oriented Programming (C++) 
Fall 2001

University of Colorado at Denver
College of Business Administration

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Gregg
Office Location: 1380 Lawrence St., Suite 390, Office P
Office Phone: (303) 315-8449
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Course Description

ISMG 6020 is designed as an introductory course to object-oriented modeling and programming. The students will learn the C++ programming language and also familiarize themselves with proper programming style. Students will learn to think in an object oriented manner and to develop hierarchical object-oriented systems for solving business problems.  Encapsulation and inheritance are emphasized


This course requires some prior C programming experience.
    ISMG 4950: Introduction to Business Programming with C (or equivalent)
    You should be familiar with the following C programming concepts: function, parameter passing, structure and pointer


Required Texts

The textbook for the class is:
H. M. Deitel and P. J. Deitel, C++ How to Program, Prentice Hall.
In addition, there are lecture notes available. You will need to print them out and bring them to class.

Required Software

The software for the class is:
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (Learning Edition or Professional) or better
A copy of Microsoft Visual C++ comes with the textbook.


Final Grades for this class will be based on your performance in the following:
A. Class work and Homework 10%
B: Programming Projects 40%
C: Midterm Exams 30%
D: Final Exam 20%

Grading Polocy: A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F < 60

A. Class work & Homework: You will complete several in-class and homework assignments during the course of the semester. Typically, an in-class assignment may be a quiz or an exercise done individually or in groups. Most of these will be spontaneous. No late class work or homework will be accepted. Homework must be turned in at the beginning of the class on the due date.

B. Programming Projects: Projects must be turned in at the beginning of  the class on the due date. All projects are done individually unless otherwise specified.  Late projects will have severe point deductions including no credit. 

C. Mid-term Exam: There will be one mid-term exam. The exam will be given in class only on the mentioned dates. No make-up exams will be given.

D. Final: The final exam will be mandatory. The final exam must be taken at the scheduled time.

The exams will be open book and open note, unless otherwise specified. Formats include: short answer questions, problems, writing of algorithms, filling key steps in incomplete algorithms, writing C++ programs or functions.